Introducing the New York Flagship Store

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Situated at 688 Madison Ave. in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Flagship Store is the second Prototype Store developed by David Chipperfield Architects Milan in collaboration with Brioni.


The Store Concept, first applied in Paris and now in New York, is rooted in the idea that architectural elements should be stronger than furnishing elements.  A set is created by a stage-like floor platform, made of grey travertine, on top of which sit colored marble columns, both materials making a deliberate reference to ancient Roman architecture.


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Another important quality of the Store Concept – the element of luxury – is the open space created through these architectural elements. The floor-to-ceiling furnishing elements with their lightweight gunmetal structure further emphasize the generous quality of the space. 


Lighting is housed in the ceiling, which incorporates a variety of finishes and heights and contributes to lending a more decorative and domestic character to the space: more ambient lighting than product lighting. The idea behind the rosewood partitioning is to create more intimate areas though not completely enclosed.


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Located on two floors connected by an open grey travertine grand staircase and a lift, the store has an area of approximately 555 sqm/5974 sqft (465 sqm/5005 sqft of selling area) and offers two entrances at the first floor: the main entrance from Madison Avenue and the secondary entrance from 62nd Street.


References to classical and modern architecture are evident in the Brioni Store Concept. Architectural solutions adopted by architects of the Modern movement, such as Mies Van der Rohe, as well as furnishing solutions adopted by Italian architects of the twentieth century, such as Albini, are inherent in both the details and the materials employed in the interior design.