Jude Law and Raff Law for Brioni

Spring/Summer 2023

Featuring House ambassadors Jude Law and Raff Law, the Brioni Spring/Summer 2023 campaign portrays the father and son duo in the comfort of their familial relationship, taking pleasure in the time spent together. This emotional and intellectual bond is showcased through a series of intimate and casual images shot in Los Angeles capturing precious moments of closeness, and the shared enjoyment of the simple moments in life.

The two actors wear hero pieces from the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, including timeless tailoring in pink and light blue, and leisurewear items suggesting a relaxed way with formality.

‘It has been a pleasure to continue our relationship with Brioni. I loved the collection and the pieces we had the opportunity to wear. I particularly enjoyed capturing those moments with Raff.’

- Jude Law

‘It has been such an interesting experience exploring the personal side of our relationship on camera, and we really do feel like part of the Brioni family.’

- Raff Law
Garments are soft and light, meant to move with the body and accompany gestures, looking naturally effortless.

The campaign marks the actors’ third act for the House. The Law’s premier campaign for Brioni documented the first time the two actors shared a stage, offering unique insight into how the duo practice their art. In their second campaign, father and son were portrayed beyond the spotlight, in a celebration of their natural charisma and the House’s masterful craftsmanship. The third chapter gives an even more intimate look into their world.

This trilogy tells a story of human connection and craft, emphasising both the commitment to excellence and the power of authentic emotions.