Brioni model

Brioni Fragrances

Enveloping the wearer with an irresistible presence, the Brioni fragrances are the finishing touch to the perfect outfit.

Eau de Parfum Éclat

Brioni presents a third opus in its fragrance wardrobe, a refined, joyful final touch: Brioni Eau de Parfum Éclat – a word that means “brightness” or “brilliance” in French.

Eau de parfum eclat bottle

Eau de Parfum Intense

Brioni’s refined aesthetic vision infused in our Eau de Parfum Intense. A scented signature unveiling a different, invisible, and sensual touch to its prestigious eveningwear line. Crafted from top-tier sustainable materials and housed in a sleek, eco-responsible glass bottle. Rich, vibrant, long-lasting, sensual.

Eau de parfum intense

Eau de Parfum

This scent is the ultimate signature of effortless Roman chic accompanied by irresistible temptation. Brioni Eau de Parfum, like all things Brioni, perfectly balances between sophistication and charisma. A perfume that does not shout yet becomes part of who you are.

Eau de parfum bottle