We design and craft in the spirit of slow luxury, taking the very best of our sartorial art combined with sensibilities for today’s lifestyle. We believe true luxury is meant to last and each piece in our collections is created with an understanding of its intrinsic value, with every act considered, beginning with precious materials sourced with care from the natural world to the specialized skills our artisans have been using for generations.

A Dedication to Craft

At the heart of Brioni is our 100% Made in Italy commitment. We carry a sense of pride in our artisans’ work, with each item touched by their experienced hands to stand the test of time and deliver utmost quality and excellence to our clients.

Highlight: Training Tailors of Tomorrow

We are dedicated to preserving and growing the sartorial know-how in the Abruzzo region of Italy, which has been at the centre of our craftsmanship for over sixty years. Ensuring that these precious skills continue is the principle of the Alta Sartoria educational programme in Penne where we train future tailors. The programme is also international in scope, both as an internal academy for our worldwide in-house store tailors and through collaborations with design schools.

Highlight: Safeguarding Artisanship

Revitalizing and safeguarding age-old artisanal methods in Italy is part of slow luxury at Brioni. For highly specialized skills found in our collections, like handmade jacquard fabric woven on traditional looms, we often work hand in hand with small bottegas throughout the country. Their specific know-how has been built up over hundreds of years, where the thin line between art and craft is often indistinguishable.

Timeless Design

The luxury of time is woven into the very act of creation at Brioni. Mindful timelessness, longevity and a celebration of genuine craft is at its core, reflecting the joy of appreciation inherent in slow luxury.

Highlight: A Suit for Life

Our philosophy that a suit should be made to last is our commitment in practice with the Suit for Life initiative. We offer a service to repair or recondition Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear suits, extending their lives and our clients’ enjoyment longer. Designed to evolve with the wearer, a Brioni suit has a special seam allowance with the possibility of accommodating a lifetime of alterations.

Highlight: Intentional Design Codes

Thoughtfully combining subtle elegance and comfort, we design with versatility for today’s lifestyle. While each Brioni collection creatively evolves, we emphasize a seamless transition to ensure our clients can combine favourite pieces long into the future. Our design codes purposely enable a wardrobe to be built up over time with many of our pieces carried over from season to season.

Precious Materials

A deep respect for nature lends itself to inspired creation, beginning with carefully selected materials. We craft primarily with fibres and fabrics from the natural world, using the finest cashmere, silk, wool, linen and cotton sourced from long-standing suppliers.

Highlight: Honouring Exceptional Fabrics

Exceptional fabrics take centre-stage at Brioni, with our garments constructed with a feeling of lightness and irresistible softness. We intentionally choose materials that retain their inherent characteristics, with an archive of fabrics including responsibly certified fibres and textiles from past seasons, avoiding new materials altogether. We reuse leftovers from manufacturing in future designs to honour their long-lasting value and, for leftovers not already upcycled, we donate them to fashion schools and social enterprises.

Highlight: Eau de Parfum Essentiel, 100% Natural Origins Fragrance

Crafted with technical expertise and artisanal finesse, Brioni Eau de Parfum Essentiel is a 100% natural-origin fragrance. Ingredients are sourced from local partners resulting in tailor-made extracts and greater traceability around quality, cultivation and producer income. As an example, the bergamot comes from citrus cooperatives in Calabria with the partner certified by the Union for Ethical BioTrade Standard, ensuring best practices are adopted with respect for people and biodiversity. Efficient methods are also used during production: the recyclable bottle is decorated with water-based motifs and made from Italian glass with a process that ensures no glass is wasted.

A Mindful Business Model

Brioni has been anchored in sartorial excellence and long-lasting value since day one. Our business model is a reflection of these founding principles: promoting in-house artisanal methods where overproduction is avoided and precious materials are valued.

Highlight: A Respect for Resources

With each step in the lifecycle of our designs considered, we limit the use of resources and raw materials right from the start. Our Bespoke creations are produced upon request and utilize only what is required, avoiding leftovers and waste. For Ready-to-Wear, we carefully design and produce in measured quantities each season, with continual enhancements of our forecasting methods to curb surplus inventory.

A Home Away from Home

Our stores are at the centre of Brioni’s hospitality, conceived to be warm and inviting like a second home where clients experience attentive and personalized service. Often spanning decades, we cherish the long-lasting relationships we have formed and enjoy welcoming new friends to our House.

Highlight: Our In-Store Experience

Created in the unique touch of Roman style with additional inspiration drawn from local character, every Brioni store is designed to welcome our clients into an elegant and relaxing environment. Settings have been envisioned to provide one-to-one service, with dedicated tailors trained in our sartorial know-how to ensure our clients experience the perfect fit and desired feeling while wearing our garments. Interiors are furnished with iconic Italian pieces from the 20th century, giving them a continued life. So too are the carpets and tapestry adorning the spaces, selected from archival designs by prominent Italian artists to preserve and reintroduce them into today’s settings.

Our Past Becomes Our Future

Our future will always be illuminated by a deep appreciation of our past. An ongoing pledge to combine craftsmanship and savoir-faire with the living elegance of human touch will continue to be our guiding principles as we move forward into the coming decades. In every action, from creating to wearing Brioni, our expression of slow luxury will remain.