Recognisable signature pieces embodying the Brioni DNA. Silhouette framing and timeless, they feel like poetry to wear.

The Vagabond Overshirt

An icon of versatility, wayfaring and ultra-light impeccably constructed piece that marries beauty with function to masterful effect. Fluidity of form and fabric create a sartorial layer that looks and feels flawless.

model wearing Brioni Vagabond overshirt

The ‘75’ Blouson

This bomber-style piece was created to celebrate Brioni 75th anniversary. Constructed from buttery deerskin with flawless lacquered edges, for a uniquely soft yet durable garment ideal for an active urban lifestyle. The relaxed and elegant luxury codes that have characterized our collections since 1945, run deeply in this piece.

model wearing 75 blouson

The ‘Travel’ Jacket

Truly timeless, this piece was originally conceived as a Bespoke creation in 1968 to meet the needs of a globe-trotting client. Since then, this jacket has been regularly interpreted while always staying true to its functional aspect, with subtle details that offer a nod to the House’s heritage. A contemporary design for a man on the move, looking for relaxed elegance and a flawless silhouette.

model wearing travel jacket