The Eau de Parfum

The new Fragrance from Brioni

Brioni Eau de Parfum is the ultimate signature of effortless Roman chic accompanied by irresistible temptation. It is the ideal complement to Brioni’s sartorial universe, the last, invisible, touch to the perfect outfit.

A unique formula

Created in collaboration with the renowned Master Perfumer Michel Almairac, the Brioni scent is a perfectly tailored formula. Accurately cut from superior ingredients, both natural and man-made, the fragrance is well balanced and effortless.

Infused with a sense of quiet confidence and understated elegance, the perfect finishing touch created with a few ingredients only, championing ease as the ultimate sophistication.

Brioni fragrance bottle and ingredients

As comfortable and light, as a bespoke suit, Brioni Eau de Parfum is a scent that doesn’t wear you, it becomes part of who you are. As unforgettable as your presence. As fascinating as your legend.

Brioni fragrance two bottles

Brioni Eau de Parfum

As comfortable and light as a bespoke suit... part of who you are.