A Brioni artisan checking a jacket's measurements

Art of tailoring


The art of fine tailoring is a tradition born out of dedication to craft and beauty, passed down through generations. At Brioni, our reputation for this artisanal expertise is at the heart of who we are.

Our tailors are masterful artists. From the initial consultation to the cutting of fabric and final ironing of a finished suit, our talented artisans dedicate their passion, expertise and skill into every moment, investing in each detail.

Every suit is created through the unique Brioni method, a process which requires 220 steps, 7000 meticulously hand-made hidden stitches, and more than 24 hours of workmanship.

A buttonhole is hand stitched by a Brioni artisan

From store to atelier, Brioni Master Tailors work with each client to bring the finest fabrics to life, creating unique masterpieces that harmoniously combine individual needs, desires, form and fit, with the subtle and unseen details that make a suit unmistakably Brioni.

The final result is a work of art, maximizing the sartorial with the superior comfort of a suit made just for you.

A selection of suit patterns
A Brioni artisan cutting a fabric

An aerial view of a typical building of Penne, Italy, hometown of the Brioni tailoring atelier
An aerial view of Penne, Italy, hometown of the Brioni tailoring atelier
An aerial view of Penne, Italy, hometown of the Brioni tailoring atelier

The Penne atelier

In 1959, Nazareno Fonticoli - one of Brioni’s founders and among Rome's most renowned tailors - and his business partner Gaetano Savini pioneered the idea of prêt-à-couture, creating the first industrial sized tailoring atelier in Penne, Italy. In the heart of the Abruzzo region, Penne is home to the Italian sartorial tradition, with a population that has tailoring in its blood.

Today, the bond with Penne remains as does a large proportion of our production; with its cobblestone streets, stunning landscape and enchanting architecture, long winters and quiet summers, this peaceful town provides the perfect environment for nurturing craftmanship.

A Brioni artisan placing paper patterns over a fabric

The gift of knowledge

Tailoring is a cultural legacy, passed from master to apprentice through families and communities in a continuous process. Our founders recognized the importance of safeguarding this artisanal tradition by investing in educating our next generation, and in 1985 opened the Scuola di Alta Sartoria.

The school has become an Abruzzo institution, often referred to as the crown jewel of Italian savoir faire.

The iconic Brioni label is hand stitched on a garment

Training Brioni tailors in our very own school sets Brioni apart in the world of men’s tailoring. Only the finest talent gets through the rigorous selection process, with only sixteen chosen every four years to begin the prestigious journey of becoming a Brioni tailor.

At the Scuola di Alta Sartoria, we do not just teach manual skills, we do our best to imbue the artisanal and ethical values that we hold dear to our hearts; that a meaningful future comes from championing our heritage, sharing our knowledge, and protecting our planet.

A selection of silk threads in different colours
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