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Since 1945

Founded in Rome by visionary duo Nazareno Fonticoli, a Master Tailor, and his business partner Gaetano Savini, Brioni swiftly established a reputation as the go-to sartorial destination for the discerning Roman gentleman. Fonticoli and Savini’s partnership was a marriage of technical skill and creative entrepreneurship that would define Brioni’s heritage, and continues to drive the brand today.

Brioni founders Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini
Brioni first store on Via Barberini 79, Rome

A unique formula

Created in collaboration with the renowned Master Perfumer Michel Almairac, the Brioni scent is a perfectly tailored formula. Accurately cut from superior ingredients, both natural and man-made, the fragrance is well balanced and effortless.

Infused with a sense of quiet confidence and understated elegance, the perfect finishing touch created with a few ingredients only, championing ease as the ultimate sophistication.

Fabric heaven

Brioni is home to an extensive and unrivalled archive, featuring more than 800 fabrics many of which are highly rare and exclusive to the House. This wealth of precious fabric includes a wide range of light cashmere, silks and exceptionally fine wool, available in a vast selection of colours and patterns and sustainable choices. Each of these handmade fabrics tells a story, communicating a rich heritage elegantly interwoven with your personal style in a distinctive bespoke creation.
A light brown wool and silk fabric from the Brioni Bespoke selection
A light blue wool and silk fabric from the Brioni Bespoke selection
A dark blue cashmere fabric from the Brioni Bespoke selection