A Brioni master tailor taking the measurements of a client

Private Trunk Show

Brioni was one of the first houses to offer trunk shows. From these steamer trunks filled with wares, to our elegant boutiques and atelier we call home today, our clients and master tailors have shared the joy and appreciation of fine bespoke tailoring since the 1950’s.

This wealth of experience combined with our passion for the highest quality personalised service means these intimate one-to-one events are amongst what we do best.

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A Brioni trunk show offers you the opportunity to experience the full potential of our bespoke collection in private. Your dedicated tailor will guide you one-to-one through the full range of bespoke styles and exclusive seasonal fabrics, so you can appreciate each silhouette, experience the materials, feel their weight and touch, and co-create with boundless freedom to express your sartorial needs and desires. Explore unique combinations, try on different shapes, textures and styles, and bring your vision to life, achieving your perfect made to measure tailored look.

All garments will be handcrafted by our artisans in Italy, and delivered within 6 to 8 weeks.

A tailor bust with a basted Brioni Bespoke jacket
Brioni old trunk