Model wearing Brioni selvedge denim jeans

Exclusive Japanese Selvedge denim

We have rethought our Japanese denim with a focus on people and planet. This is denim as it is intended to be, with the eye on longevity. We have taken great care in the creation of this garment to marry precious artisanal techniques with responsible practices, elevating classic denim to a masterful construction that feels incredible to wear.


The garments are expertly woven by skilled artisans on antique shuttle looms, creating a unique fabric renowned for its refined and characterful finish, with dense construction that stands the test of time. This manufacturing method echoes the concept of slow luxury. It is valuable as it takes time, requires artisan expertise and results in a higher yield of fabric.

Denim button close up

The Weaving Mill is a long-established weaving factory founded in 1904. Its traditional looms are extremely rare, and their weaving takes three times longer than modern ones, resulting in high-density, tasteful texture. Also, these looms are not produced any longer, so maintenance and special care by well-skilled technician is crucial.

Brioni logo on jeans close up
Model wearing denim jacket


Brioni garments in Japanese Selvedge Denim are made of organic cotton, a fiber obtained by biological farming which supports biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.

Our denim cotton is organically produced, eliminating the use of toxic and persistent chemicals and OGM seeds, using around 70% less water compared to standard cotton and improving soil health, in line with our commitments to environment and communities.

The fabric has excellent heat retention, hygroscopicity and breathability compared to ordinary denim. It is also washed with EIM classified, environmental impact measuring, low-impact indigo dye finished with recycled metal accessories.

Jacket's labels close up
Brioni leather label close up

By tradition, denim stands out for its durability and resistance. From these roots, we decided to bring denim back to its original conception, that is to create a garment designed for longevity.

The name originates from “self-edge”, as the hems are tightly woven and prevent the denim from unravelling. Our denim is finished at the inside of the hems with a discrete Brioni regimental stripe. Cuff your jeans to show this characteristic detail which is typical for selvedge denim.