An aerial view of Penne, Italy, hometown of the Brioni tailoring atelier



The joy of 'slow luxury'

All of our garments are designed, crafted and cared for in the spirit of 'slow luxury'.

Our garments are timeless. Every season we introduce high-quality pieces that can be enjoyed for many years - in this way we transcend trends by focusing on style rather than fashion.
Time is an essential ingredient to our creations. All aspects of production are considered and thought through, from the appropriate materials, the design of the garment, and the creation of the finished piece. We invest in a process made up of thousands of human interactions and artisanal steps.
Brioni garments are free of excessive ornaments. We keep it as natural and functional as possible. We believe the garment is strong enough on its own, by the beauty of material choice and exquisite construction.

We do not overproduce. We carefully design and produce each season the relevant styles and quantities.

We do not engage in practices where excess product is disposed of.
Working in bespoke also means that we only use what is necessary to finish each commission.

We are smart with our pattern cutting and do not waste our precious natural fabrics.

An artisan's hand with thimble and thread

Our primary materials are natural: vicuña, cashmere, silk, wool, linen and cotton. We try to work with the best nature has to offer, and we strive to make sure these beautiful materials are sourced in the most responsible way. Our sourcing is mainly from traditional Italian suppliers, with whom we have long-standing relationships. These partnerships are based in a mutual desire to achieve more for our planet.
We also strive to make eco and animal welfare conscientious choices and are extending traceability of sourcing to ensure our accountability and understanding of our supply chain.

At our heart we are passionate about making considered choices based on quality and sustainability. By focusing on natural and traditional methods, we limit our environmental impact and encourage our clients to acquire less and choose well.
Our clients have access to reconditioning services, and this is complimentary for bespoke items. This helps our clients to maintain Brioni garments and enjoy these pieces for years to come.

The tools of a Brioni tailor: measuring tape and chalk

Brioni comes to life through 'human touch'

That is not only a philosophy, but a ‘fil rouge’ in all we do. Brioni garments have been handmade in Italy using expert craftsmanship and artisanal production methods since 1945, and this considered approach to people, production and environment has built a legacy we are proud of.
Our view on luxury focuses on quality, longevity and excellence; values rooted in the people and communities behind the House, protecting and perpetuating our heritage.

The heads of Brioni’s tailoring manufacturing departments in the Penne Atelier

The people who sustain us

We shun mass production and value collaboration with remarkable artisans; this core commitment to championing their knowledge and skill, to offer the best, is an essential ingredient of the Brioni brand.

All production is based in Italy, specifically Penne, Curno, Citivella and Montebello, home to the heart of Italian sartorial savoir-faire and the tailoring tradition.

Our localised production also means we limit environmental impact. We provide dedicated support services to our production and manufacturing workforce, which is predominantly female. At the heart of Brioni are generations of talented artisans who keep creative and sartorial traditions alive.

An artisan crafting a Brioni garment

The relationships with our clients

‘Human touch’ likewise guides the interaction with our clients: We cherish our authentic and long-lasting relationships with our clients, often spanning decades and extending through their families and friends. The warm personal style of our teams is at the centre of Brioni’s hospitality.

The bliss of wearing Brioni

More literally, ‘human touch’ is also key to understand the true extend of Brioni’s exceptional quality. One can already feel it by simply stroking our garments, shoes and bags, but ultimately, pleasure comes from wearing Brioni in everyday life. Our idea of luxury is about absolute well-being, personal comfort, lightness of construction and irresistible softness, with a distinctive style and Italian flair.

Sheep from the Abruzzo region, home to the brand’s atelier

Sustainability at Kering

Brioni is part of the Kering Group, which has a long-standing deep commitment to sustainability. Kering historically works to the highest sustainability standards and is a rich source of knowledge and partner for Brioni in the journey towards improving sustainability in-house.

The path towards sustainability is not to be walked alone. Brioni is partnering up with its suppliers to promote sustainable standards and practices, including Kering Standards for raw materials and processes, The Animal Welfare standards and the Code of Ethics.

As part of the Kering Group, Brioni also monitors its environmental impact, by taking part in the annual EP&L reporting and by drawing up a targeted action plan based on its conclusions. Kering recently published its Biodiversity Strategy and standards for environmental excellence at store level which Brioni adheres to.

Since 2008 The Kering Foundation combats violence against women and promotes women’s empowerment, a vital global cause. The Foundation drives awareness around this issue, sponsors social entrepreneurship and motivates others to join in support. Brioni is proud to partner with the Kering Foundation on these matters.