The new season’s formalwear looks to a sophisticated contemporary style. Featuring innovative lean and clean lines, it contemplates the beauty of graphic shapes and the uniqueness of architectural garments built around tailored profiles. The shirt has a simple style and a leaner fit associated with new types of collars, more closed and supported, to enable tie-free elegance if desired. The trousers share the simple lines as the topwear, defining new and contemporary proportions. The tie gives an elegant touch with its graphic geometry illuminated by the shaded effect – an unmissable addition to the Brioni gentleman’s case.

  • Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection


  • Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection

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Limited edition Oxford

From the expert hands of hard-working artisans, the Brioni SHOE is created in limited edition, modelled with exquisite materials from the most traditional processes in shoe making.

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