Eyewear: The new masterpiece by Brioni

The sun kisses the Brioni man, offering him a new masterpiece: the first sunglasses, adding further to the brand’s charm and menswear offer.
The line, designed following a prolonged period of research and experimentation, led Brioni to identify highly specialized methods and techniques that have resulted in “one of a kind” glasses.
The concept of innovation pushed Brioni to choose a technical material, metal, together with premium quality yet hard to mold horn, which were worked on by expert Italian craftsmen on behalf of the brand. Just two temples can be made from a 16 x 6 cm sheet, which are adjustable in length with a 5 mm tolerance, enabling maximum adaptability to the face. The resulting “flex” function is maximized to reduce the possibility of breakage to a minimum.
Fifteen variations of Brioni eyewear have been created, available in “square” and “teardrop” styles, the most traditionally admired by men in the sun and still used as a style statement for all occasions around the world. Featuring optically precise, polarized, anti-reflection and hydro and oleo-phobic lenses certified by Zeiss.
Two models are made entirely in horn.

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