Milan, July 3, 2014 – Brioni, the leading men’s wear luxury brand, presents a new jewelry collection developed in collaboration with designers Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard of the London-based studio Fredrikson Stallard.
The collection, which comprises of cuff links, tie clips and collar pins, further rounds out Brioni’s exclusive and artisanal product range. Within the accessories universe, it stands out for modernity and innovation, blending the creativity of the artists with the exclusivity of the brand.
Inspired by the textures and surface movement of fabrics, the design of the cuff links celebrates the sartorial appeal of the Brioni collections. The lines, forged according to the sensorial perception of the hands, exalt the researched fluidity of the shapes, tracing a product of noble and unique distinction made from platinum with diamonds, yellow, rose, white gold and silver.
Two shapes, round or squared, are studied to offer a contemporary “one-of-a-kind” jewel.
The tie clips and collar pins in yellow gold and silver depict the Brioni universe through cutting-edge lines that are modern renditions of jewelry world classics.

The Brioni signature is worked into each accessory, adding a researched exclusivity to the collection.

The fruit of an innovative craftsmanship, attentive to detail and a testament of top Italian artisanal expertise, the aesthetic of the new collection channels the uniqueness of contemporary sculptures and artworks.

The accessories come inside a black ash wood casket, cradled inside a larger graphite gray box bearing the Brioni logo. The packaging also includes a small carded wool envelope to better protect the jewels during the gentleman’s travels.

Francesco Pesci, Brioni Chief Executive Officer, declared: “I am very pleased with this new collection that fully reflects what we are, an innovative and contemporary brand that makes sartorial and artisanal products to die for. To the preciousness of the materials, we have combined a modern vision for these jewels that target a gentleman with a bolder fashion style.”
Brendan Mullane, Brioni Creative Director, added: “I am very happy to have collaborated with Patrik Fredrikson e Ian Stallard on these new accessories that are in line with the Brioni collection and reflect an extreme kind of luxury. From the beginning, we imagined these jewels as artworks of great beauty. The result is a product that stands out.”
Patrik Fredrikson e Ian Stallard declared: “Collaborating with Brioni has been a great pleasure for us. We have worked together to achieve an elegant collection of jewellery that unifies Brioni’s focus on tailoring and exquisite attention to detail with our understanding of sculpture and form.”
The collection will be available in the Brioni boutiques in Europe, Asia e America starting in July 2014.

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