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Serving the individual customer while guaranteeing an infinite number of solutions: Su Misura (bespoke) is one of the most traditional of human rituals, capturing dynamism, innovation and experimentation.
Brioni constructs its culture of research by exceeding the expectations of each and every customer ready to have the best made for them. In the tailoring tradition, the experience of a su-misura suit is the pinnacle of exclusivity. It encapsulates the craftsmanship roots of the job and the unique relationship between tailor and customer, both of which first began in the tailor’s workshops of old.

"Brioni Su Misura" by Collier Schorr


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Limited edition Oxford

From the expert hands of hard-working artisans, the Brioni SHOE is created in limited edition, modelled with exquisite materials from the most traditional processes in shoe making.

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